Saturday, 28 July 2007

Keeping it Tidy and Clean

Two years ago I came up with this crazy idea.  Sitting in the bath someone had been in before me and left the soap [sorry the gooooo] at the sink.  

'I'm not using that!' I said. 'In fact I couldn't use that I don't know if its 5 manky soaps made up into a mushy ball or something more sinister.

Then it struck me - [the idea not the soap monster goo].  I invented the 'SOAP TIDY' system.  Great I thought, keep all your soap products in one place.

I set about creating a mock-up of this concept and Wollla! It's done.  I even got a Design Patent for it as well from the UK Patent Office - well chuffed.  Who cares if its not commercially viable - I personally don't know.  Maybe one day someone will pick-up on it and drive it into your unsuspecting homes - All offers welcome.  'Bin it!!' yeah I hear you.

No matter, I decided to turn it into a site optimisation and ranking project - please visit

Within two months it had ranked 6th on MSN for soap dispensers.  I have had people wanting to stock it for their merchandising sites - IT DOES NOT EXIST!!!! but thanks anyway.

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