Monday, 23 July 2007

Victory has a 1000 fathers... The MD wants to see site conversion rates go from 0.17% to 5% in a month – How?

From the May 1st -13th [This year] I’ve seen the website user registrations increases – no scrap that we’ve seen them SPIKE!!. Wow!!

What did we do? Simply put we offered a prize draw to receive a free laptop – Great I think!!! We’ve got a 76% first time visitor rate and a 24% repeat. Conversions for Registrations are up – wonderful. Well not really, its the WrongTrousers Gromit !!!. I’m sitting here with 11,000 unique visitors [paid and organic] a day on my site and 95% are wrong.

Cast ye aside evil spirits you shall not receive entry to our prize draw.

However doing the maths we’ve still ended with business registrations so, we’ve calculated that over a month with a spend of between 300 - 500 pound should provide upwards of 400-500 business opted-in records.  

Important Note here,  average CTR on your standard prospect database is around 1.5 - 2%. 
With a new list based on registrants you are looking at 10-11% CTR from E-mail Open.  

So where were we....

MD “Great we’ve found a honey trap, now my little Marketing Director I want you to make these guys phone us – FORGET CLICKS I WANT FINGERS ON DIALS!!!”

“Change of mindset here me thinks!”

On Tuesday the little marketing department issued 26,000 e-mails to a prospect list and 18,000 again on Thursday to another set. Tuesday afternoon call from the Sales Department “ Hey Marketing Guys that e-mail you did this morning well 9 companies called us, 4 ordered hardware, £1800.00 Turnover and £500 profit – Great! Especially as this is the same list we’ve been at war with for the last year with very little success – keep it coming”

Wow! The marketing team stripped naked and drank lemonade for a whole hour!! Fantastic. ‘I know what’ shouts someone ‘Let’s do the same E-Mail on Thursday guys, we had a 2% CTR, 600 + Click-through, I think we’ve found the silver bullet, the holy grail, the e-mail to end all e-mails....” Thursday afternoon – call from Sales. “Hey you marketing tosers, what’s happened to our calls, our leads, you god dam scumbags. Us sales guys wouldn’t **** on you if you were on fire. – phone goes dead.

“It was his idea....” whispered one of the marketing executives.

Ah! Drawing board beckons
This story will be updated everyday, why because in online marketing everyday is different. Watch out for our evolving discussions on E-Mail Timing, Content Quality, Data Quality and External Influences that effect the success of email campaigns.


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