Tuesday, 3 February 2009

InstantAtlas for crime mapping and re...

for crime mapping and reporting


is an inexpensive yet powerful data visualization and presentation tool.
It is being used by national, regional and local crime and policing
bodies for online
crime mapping and reporting
. It enhances the value of data
by making patterns in crime
easy to see and explore. No expertise in data
publishing, delivery or mapping is needed - yet the results can be stunning
and effective.

Our outputs can be linked to databases to deliver 'live
data' or they can be stand-alone and completely portable. You do not
need a database or Internet connection to deliver richly interactive
reports and dashboards. This makes them ideal to take out in the field
on a laptop, CD or memory stick. Further detail on InstantAtlas product
options is provided after the examples below.

InstantAtlas is being used at a national, regional and local level
in the following areas:

  • Reporting of crime statistics to external citizens
  • Reporting of crime statistics to internal staff and partners, for
    example performance reports to management, delivery of local policing
    profiles, out-of-the-box neighbourhood information systems and area
    profile reporting tools
  • Highly interactive presentation tools to use in community workshops,
    management meetings or one-to-one sessions

GeoWise have been working in the UK and internationally
for over 10 years delivering innovative, market-leading data reporting
and visualisation solutions for location-based statistical data. We
offer off-the-shelf products designed specifically to make it easy and
fast for you to deliver online crime maps, charts,
tables and area profile reports.

Crime and Community Safety Examples

We have included some recent crime reporting examples below,
some of which are live operational applications, others are demonstration
samples to show the power and flexibility of InstantAtlas.

In the UK, following its use for national crime mapping and reporting
by the Home Office, a number of UK police forces have also adopted
InstantAtlas as the optimum tactical solution for public facing crime
reporting.  Examples for South Yorkshire Police and Thames
Valley Police
are shown below. Some of these forces also intend
to use the tool for internal performance reporting. A number of the
local authorities, local strategic partnerships and Crime and Disorder
Reduction Partnerships have also adopted InstantAtlas to allow them
to share this type of data effectively across multiple local partners
and present it in an intuitive and understandable way - see the Cornwall
Crime Explorer
example for the Amethyst crime partnership.

Internationally, this dynamic method for presenting crime statistics, crime detection rates and crime solving rates is generating a lot of interest, especially in Germany. Examples are shown below for Hessen and for Germany as a whole and well as for Massachusetts, USA and Chile.

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