Thursday, 5 March 2009

InstantAtlas: Presentation Solutions for the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)

InstantAtlas is now well-established in the United States and United Kingdom and used by state health departments, regional and local public health authorities. It is ideal for presenting data values and trends in a spatial context to internal and external audiences. e.g. demographic data, epidemiological statistics, health indicators. Its serves equally well as a tool for monitoring performance of health resources and presenting survey results. Departments of Health in ten US States are implementing this software.

Simple to implement

You can take data from a spreadsheet, add your boundary file, publish an InstantAtlas stand-alone dynamic flash report and place it on your web site. Typically, this can all be done in less than a day. You do not need any special technical knowledge. You use familiar tools.

If you currently have data query, table maker or static mapping systems in place or in development, consider this also as a valuable add-on for integration.

InstantAtlas comes with ready-to-use templates that can be customized with the Designer and Style Editors. You only buy the templates that you need to present your data.

If you have a large number of indicators to manage you can upgrade to InstantAtlas Server to improve your data management process and deliver data 'live' to dynamic reports.

GeoWise have been working in the UK and internationally for over 10 years delivering innovative, market-leading data reporting and visualization solutions for location-based statistical data. We offer off-the-shelf products designed specifically to make it easy and fast for you to deliver visual data using maps, charts, tables and area profile reports.

For further details and examples, please visit the resource page.

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