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In this posting we feature the recently released National Health Episode Statistics (HES) e-Atlas produced by the Association of Public health Observatories (APHO). HES data are widely used and this new resources should make the data more accessible.

We also present a slightly different use of InstantAtlas as a part of the new MapYourName web site. Visit to see the distribution of your name.

Finally visit our new online LIS Resource Pack to help new and prospective clients with their decision to implement a Local Information System. We have collected all current LIS resources and added two new webinars in December by Norfolk County Council and Brighton and Hove Council.

I hope you find post of great interest.

David Carey
Marketing Manager

Featured Applications

National Health Episode Statistics & e-Atlas (APHO)

Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) are record level patient data collected by the Department of Health from every NHS hospital in England and Wales. HES data provides a comprehensive picture of inpatient care that can support public health analysis, planning and resource allocation, benchmarking, clinical audit, monitoring and performance management and research.*

Presenting HES data using InstantAtlas makes the data more accessible. As Steve Morgan, Senior Public Health Analyst at SEPHO says: " "I've demonstrated the software to a number of senior public health specialists and received a great deal of positive feedback – complex data previously once displayed in tedious two dimensional spreadsheets and charts is now transformed in an exciting and more meaningful manner"

The new HES e-Atlas produced by SEPHO on behalf of APHO shows HES data between 2003/4 – 2006/07 in a single map template (by Local Authorities).

It is available at: National HES e-Atlas

*Source and for more information on HES data

Map Your Name

Whatever your name there will be a place in the world it is most common. That place may be a continent, sometimes a country but very often a very specific region or even city or town whose location can be marked on a map.

The purpose of is to make it easy for people to learn where this location is.

For the 60,000 most common family names Mapyourname will show their spread not just at country level but right down to the level of individual regions. From these maps most of you should be able to pinpoint the ancestral heartland of your name, and your friends' and colleagues' names, the place where your distant blood relations live, the location of your genetic home.

You can also map the areas where the 26,000 personal names are most common.

Visit mapyourname today and see where your name orginates | Powered by InstantAtlas

Product News

NEW - Local Information Systems (Resource Pack)

Throughout 2008 GeoWise has been producing resources to help new and prospective clients with their decision to implement a Local Information System. Our experience comes from more than 30 implementations of InstantAtlas Server, our off-the-shelf solution for LIS and data observatories, across local government and NHS organisations in England, Scotland and Wales.

Visit our Resource Pack for further details –

InstantAtlas Training Courses

'very well presented, small enough 'chunks' to take it in but large enough to get something from.....'

Maddy Knott

Public Health Information & Knowledge Manager Portsmouth City Teaching PCT

'I found the training excellent. I thought the training was very clear...'

Jim Hawkins

Deputy Public Health Information & Knowledge Manager

Portsmouth City tPCT

InstantAtlas Training Courses now available

GeoWise offers two InstantAtlas Desktop Training Programmes:-

InstantAtlas Desktop FOUNDATION Course

InstantAtlas Desktop ADVANCED Course NEW

InstantAtlas CLASSROOM Training Courses – NEW – contact Sales for Details

Learn how to: -

  • Publish InstantAtlas dynamic reports for different geographies
  • Add and refresh the indicator data
  • Apply personalised designs
  • Distribute the reports.
  • These courses are available either on site at your premises, at our Edinburgh Offices or via WebEx (an online presentation and training tool).

Contact InstantAtlas Sales for more details.

Template Demos (Flash)


Server Demo

InstantAtlas Case Studies


Norfolk improves decisions with InstantAtlas neighbourhood data visualization

NDO uses the InstantAtlas platform to provide local intelligence through highly visual and interactive graphical reports, maps, atlases, comparisons and other analyses. >>


PDF Download Link

See Norfolk Data Observatory on IA Showcase


Sheffield PCT gets the message across with InstantAtlas

Looking for a solution to its need to communicate local health indicators more clearly, Sheffield PCT chose to review InstantAtlas, a software tool from GeoWise which enables the graphical presentation of geographic and statistical data so that regional and local patterns become easy to see and explore. >>


PDF Download Link

See Sheffield PCT on IA Showcase


Diabetes UK uses InstantAtlas to help it inform, promote and campaign

Using InstantAtlas interactive flash based reports, Diabetes UK can demonstrate easily and quite clearly that some regions are better at providing a service such as eye screening or education, than others.


PDF Download Link

See Diabetes UK on IA Showcase

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Visit the InstantAtlas - Showcase or Client List to see examples of how InstantAtlas is used

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