Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Local Information System Resource Pack from InstantAtlas

GeoWise has been compiling a set of freely available resources to support those with an interest in understanding and implementing a Local Information System or Data Observatory. Our experience comes from more than 30 implementations of InstantAtlas Server, our off-the-shelf solution for LIS and Data Observatories, across local government and NHS organisations in England, Scotland and Wales.

You may already have seen some of these resources but we thought it would be easier to access them through a comprehensive digest. The online videos below are now available in a more accessible format to make them easier to view.

The LIS Resource Pack should be of value to two audiences:

  1. Those in the early stage of their thinking about management of local intelligence, more evidence-driven processes, and partnership-based data exchange.
  2. Those who have set up some form of LIS but are looking to improve data management processes and better integrate with other corporate processes.

The Resource Pack includes direct links to all of our LIS related online seminars and LIS documents. The two most recent seminars include a comprehensive review of the Norfolk Data Observatory and an overview of the development and launch of BHLIS (Brighton & Hove Local Information Service) for the Brighton & Hove Strategic Partnership. The Resource Pack also includes links to relevant documents, reports and web sites.

For furthere details on LIS please vist http://www.instantatlas.com/lis

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